Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts


“but to say ‘tough luck’ to those who borrowed to rent for a holiday home/retirement” – No, no, no, I said nothing about retirement. Are you now trying to convince me that all who buy to rent have the ultimate aim to live in that property. Sorry, no believe.
So why do so many people in the 30’s and 40’s take such an interest in a retirement home at the risk of their main home. Most buy and hope to make a few bucks renting to repay and also hopefully see a capital gain.
Why not work hard, buy your house in UK (and pay for it) then sell up and retire later in life?

“been a victim of lies, fraud, dishonesty etc even up to lawyer level” and in some instances their own stupidity.

“blaming the wrong people. Let’s recognise the low-life sharks for what they are, and give them the justice they deserve” _ So are you saying that the people who have borrowed over their heads in UK to raise a deposit, then have a full loan in Spain for the holiday place, are responsible and no blame at all should be put on them, even though some were aware there was no consent for where they bought.

Somebody said on another thread about there being two sides. Likewise on this?

“Hopefully in the long term everyone will benefit from that move, even what’s left of poor old Spains lovely coast line, if they move fast on the bad guys” – Suppose the rose tinted brigade will follow them to wherever they decide to develop next (Bulgaria)?