Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts



Whilst I agree to your point about balance we have to remember that a lot of people come on to these forums AFTER something has happened. Very few come on to say what a wonderful experience they have had. That being the case those very people are looking for a number of things

1. Advice that can help them out of their sticky mess
2. Solace that they are not the only ones who are in their mess
3. Hope that some have been there before and got retribution

So based in this it is very hard to see how there can be true “Balance” unless you go out and get all those people who have had a wonderful experience to come on and tell their side of the story. And whilst it may be that some people have a negative side – there are some potential 50,000 people or more in the CDS alone – who do not have any “closure” as to their plight. Where is the balance in their lives?

So perhaps whilst you do try and give the positive side and it is helpful to the people who come on here for advice to see that not all is lost, perhaps a little understanding to the people who have had major upheaval in their lives, major worry that things have gone wrong and potentially major losses, would be more welcoming. After all not everyone is able to deal so admirably with the situation as you are

This is not a personal attack so please don’t take it is as such – just trying to offer a balanced opinion – or should that be observation.