Reply To: Something has to be wrong….




well well, doesn’t this just confirm how pathetic and unfair the courts in Spain really are sometimes. How clear can it be? How hard is it to know right from wrong?, and what message does this send to the low-life we are up against!

I feel that if the courts cannot do their job, then as a European country, why the hell can’t that be recognised as an injustice and a system put in place to give people a chance to be heard in a place that does know how to do the right thing.

I am angry and appalled, for you and us, because our case is similar in some ways to yours, and it looks like we may well face the same injustice. What else can we say? we are in the right, the developers are in the wrong and the courts are either to dumb or corrupt to accept it, and are forcing you wait many months longer for another trial in a one sided case. I despair, i really do! I feel that anyone who turns round and says ‘this is not the UK, this is how it is in Spain’, need their arse kicking as much as the useless judges in some cases such as yours.

All the best, good luck and try to keep your chin up, i believe you will have the support of all decent people everywhere.