Reply To: Something has to be wrong….


After much anguish have decided to post my ‘news’ 👿
My case went to Court on Monday.
Despite the facts that:
Development is Illegally built, & has no Habitation Licence
The Developer has been arrested & charged with bribary in the Malaya Case, now on bail
The Apt. was one year late in being completed
The Developer did not provide me with a Bank Guarantee which is required by Law
The whole complex has not been completed in accordance with the original plans=

I now have to go back to court in December, as the Developer wants to try & prove I bought only to re-sell before completion. So now they have turned the tables & I am now the one on trial also. Their argument is totally ludicrous to bring before a Judge IMHO. Almost another year that they have my money & I have nothing in return. It’s a long journey but apparently this is the way things are done.

I have been swaying between despair & spitting blood this week, but thanks to this forum & the great PMs of support & encouragement I have now regained my sanity – hopefully ❗ We’ll see what happens about the Licences on Monday.