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Not sure if this is positive news and it follows what appears anyway to be another article of how the marbella council are trying to sort the mess out ?

Ángeles Muñoz discusses Marbella development with British firms
Friday, 27 April, 2007.

SUR in English

The seminar and reception with the PP candidate for Mayor of Marbella was organised by the British Chamber of Commerce

On Wednesday, 25th April, members of the British Chamber of Commerce met with ángeles Muñoz, the Partido Popular candidate for Mayor of Marbella, who spoke on “The Proposal for the Development of Marbella.”

The seminar took place at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella and consisted of a presentation by Sra Muñoz, who then answered questions from the members present. This was followed by a reception for all guests.

The event was organised by the British Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by MDCI Project Managers.

“It is important that our members and the business community have an open dialogue with the political candidates in the run-up to the elections, since we can all make positive contributions to the future of Marbella”, said Laura Stanbridge, Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Andalucía Committee.

Meeting with Costa Networking

óscar Fernández, one of the candidates on the PSOE list for the municipal elections in Marbella, spoke at the April meeting of Costa Networking at Bistro Los Naranjos in Nueva Andalucía on Tuesday. Fernández presented a summary of the Socialist party’s project for Marbella as well as explaining how the Spanish electoral system works and how the resident foreign community can take part.

Author: Sur In English
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