Reply To: NIE Numbers


Hi Stewlanz

Not so sure it is the banks being greedy. If they are getting fleeced due to their lack lending policies I can only see one loser – the very people who have got a mortgage/account with the bank being charged more for the services to cover the losses.

So the fact they are insisting on NIE numbers now – which in turn means if you are buying a property here you definitely DO need one (especially if you need a bank account and/or mortgage) then it is even more imperative that you get one sorted as soon as possible and not leave it until the last minute as many people do.

However I cannot see how a solicitor can offer a service (for £100 or otherwise) for this when it is a requirement to be present for the first meeting initially (though quite why I don’t know because everyone I have taken there the person doesn’t even check to see if the person in the passport is the one standing on front of them)