Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts


Hi m.g
It would clearly be expensive fittings ❓ 😕
Is the house next to you £250 K more than yours if not if they are trying to sell then they to will a have a shock if its not the case.
Your clearly having a problem or perhaps its me not explaining myself.
With regards to the two apartments,they are both unfurnished but they are asking silly money,
With regards to the cycle they seem to think its on the increase and like the apartment you mentioned are going to be in for a bit of a shock but this is not a price crash” Its a Helloooow wake up time.
You say someone accepted a price 35%percent les than they were asking in what they really did is accept what it was worth and not some stupid inflated price .
At the best my apartment is worth what I paid 3 years ago and may take a few years to see any return whatsover and hardly a case of looking through rose tinted glasses is it . ❓
On the E.O.S site one of the threads is saying that business is brisk amonst good estate agents but I choose to take this with a pinch of salt and move on.
In the case of this threads name I felt it was perhaps needed balancing to avoid some worrying when they perhaps need not.

Regards to you
Jim 😀