Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts



Is this the same Bloomberg that forecast the stock market crash a couple of months back?
Is it the same Bloomberg that I get every month and appears to often contradict its previous months?
The recent posting by Barclays talking the market up was irresponsible perhaps this may prove the same.
This may just be what the Spanish government need to sort the corruption out as they for sure will want to sort this out as its now hurting them đŸ˜€
While it’s clear that the situation is not very good posting this as a crash and panic at this stage may very well prove to worry many needlessly as while it clear returns will no where near the level of previous years someone pointed out 10% and for the greedy this is not enough.
Not that I am saying there will be 10% growth but this article is clearly this is the result of the Spanish government tightening policy on planning this can be no bad thing in the medium to long term (if true)
Where will it end ?
To many things out of our control to make a call but its surely going to be a few interesting months ahead.

Jim đŸ˜€