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@hillybilly wrote:

I upped the screen res to 1024 x 768 but everything just look awful like that and made me feel dizzy so I’ve reverted to “normal” (although it did get rid of the scroll bar at the bottom of this site). I think I’ll just have to live with it as this is the only site I use frequently where this happens!

Mines the opposite. If I lower my 1280×1024 resolution, the text, pictures and icons look blurry and larger giving me a eye ache. You should look up the native resolution of the monior and set it to that. Unless your computer is very old which probably wouldn’t even run windows xp properly, you won’t have a resolution of 800×600

Having said that, 1024 is perhaps a little too wide as you would want a bit of space on the side to see the desktop and 1024×768 is bar far the most popular resolution so something around 900 may be better. Most new monitors and laptops sold now are widescreen so 760 wide webpages (designed for printing in portrait mode) are less popular