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Hi Charlie

you’re right – I have just posted a new thread. However here is another one (it isn’t actually true but I thought it was funny)

Pulled Up For Speeding

A few weeks ago I was driving on the road between Gandia and Ontinyent when I was pulled over by the Guardia Civil

I asked them if there was a problem to which I was told I was speeding. As is normal I was asked for my driving licence and vehicle documents. To which I answered I didn’t have one – as I lost last year drink driving. Obviously he looked pretty grim so he asked for my vehicle registration documents. I said I thought I saw it in the glove compartment when I was putting my gun in there let me just check

“A Gun” He said.

“Yes , “ I said, “I used it to kill the owner because he wouldn’t give me his car, he’s in the boot if you want to see”.

Well there was a flurry of activity and he called for back up. About 5 minutes later a very high ranking official pulled over – and I stepped out of the car.

“Is there a problem” I asked.

“Yes, one of my officers told me you have stolen this car”

“What” I said, “You are joking right?”

“No sir could you please show me your vehicle documents and drivers licence.”

So I duly did, he checked my documents, I showed him my passport and he said. Mmm He also said you have a gun in the glove compartment can you please open it” So I did – nothing in there but CD’s

Very strange” Said the senior officer, Could you also open the boot please” which I did and showed him nothing but a few tools, and a few Inland Traders.

“This is very strange indeed” said the senior officer. “My officer said you stole the car, shot the owner and put the body in the trunk”

“Well” I said “ I bet the lying b’stard told you I was speeding as well”