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@steventhelwell wrote:

Just caught up with this posting.So i contacted my lawyer to find out if he new of any settled court cases on La Reserva . He told me that none have been settled yet! What is the summary of this thread if my Lawyer is correct and cases are still to be processed through the courts?

Hello Steven,
My lawyer told me the same the day after ‘Phillip’s’ posting – no record of successful court cases. I think he is either trying to get his money back through his BG (which he told me he paid for) & also claiming for the cost of the BG (which he shouldn’t have paid for), or ‘philip’ is a lawyer trying to drum up business for his company – but I may be totally wrong of course which is why I was encouraging ‘Philip’ to respond. Only 2 postings to tell us the good news & how great the lawyer is – it all sounded a bit dodgy to me ❓ 🙁