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But Katy – it was Kirsty who said that she would eat her hat if house prices in the UK dropped. And they didn’t – so she was right.
So it would have been right to have listened to her instead of the scaremongering newspapers/websites of the time.

There should never be regrets about selling when we did, without the gift of hindsight we made our best decisions at the time. My lovely Victorian house I sold (to pay for Green Hills…..ouch!) is worth over £150,000 more today than when I sold, and I too was happy the time thinking I was selling at the top end of the market.

Imagine that in 1965 when we first moved from London to Devon, my father bought a country-house hotel on the edge of Dartmoor. Ex-vicarage, beautiful red-bricked and gabled house. 16 bedrooms, fully furnished (including antique mahogany chest of drawers/wardrobes in each room), stable, and 5 acres of land.
Oh, and a full grand piano in the dining-room!
Price: £16,500.

Years later, we heard it sold for a couple of million (in the 70’s). They turned it into flats, and sold off most of the garden to a developer who built 12 bungalows on the land.
Now? Goodness knows – and to think, I could be a multi-millionaire by now just by having sat in it looking out the window!
Doesn’t bear thinking about……oh that wretched elusive hindsight! 😥