Many thanks for replying Pat.
Am sure it will give encouragement to many others who I know have identical problems as yours.

It just shows monies can be retrieved – as long as you have that good lawyer onside. 😉
Maria de Castro has not only been excellent in your case but takes the trouble to often come on this forum, like Drakan, to give free advice. Certainly she is one of the ‘goodies’.

I know many people are “listening” and learning from this forum. And the more of us who fight for what is right (justice when developers do not deliver what is promised), slowly things will change as they will (albeit slowly) realise they can not just build what is good for them, and expect us to pay up quietly and accept what is nothing other than ‘inferior goods’.

When people become more confident in the system and more of us rightfully claim our monies to be returned, a few cases of actually suing for damages will hopefully be their wake-up call.
It’s the developers who need to wake up and smell the coffee, not purchasers.