To answer some of your questions- our developer was about 9 months late. Also, a swimming pool that was supposed to be at our apartment block was not there. I was also horrified at all the development all around the area – all the green space was now covered in apartment blocks. Our apartment was supposed to have uninterrupted sea views but we had to stand on tip-toes to see the sea! I was also concerned at the slow rate of progress on the other blocks. This meant that for at least two years we could forsee that the development would be a building site and as such you couldnt rent it out. So, we decided to try and get the deposit back. Everyone advised us against it – saying that the developer had a strong case for being late and we wouldnt have a chance of getting a refund. We found Maria’s name on this forum and decided to take a chance on it. She was so positive all the time.

By the way, The cheque is in our name.