Reply To: Selling Homes Abroad. channel 4.


1 The programme was factually wrong.
Stated that the lady could not get a mortgage or anyone not resell because of no habitation licence and we know this to be incorrect.
They appear to have not mentioned that Los Lagos was one of around 50,000 with no habitation licence over many years
2 The lady lost her views so do people in this country as a search only shows today’s information.
She is going to get her views back due to the illegal build on Las Vista.
4 Think she mentioned that she paid £290,000 for the apartment and we all know that this will be unrealistic for some time and perhaps why she wanted her money back,if not complete like many others?
3 They talked about to many blocks have been built and that in the main appeared the problem
Think the council are really looking for a back hander to help their finances rather than purchasing some land as they cant really say that can they
4 They did show the poor quality finish and the roads and stone banks at the bottom of the site several times and not good for a development of this calibre.
Simply looks like the developer ran out of money which we may be true.
5 Andrew the presenter as we all know stated that the situation will have to be resolved and I think that this programme can only help move things along.

Programme wrong whichever side of the fence your on.

Jim 😀