Reply To: Smoking ban


Think the majority of smokers think like you. We are not the inconsiderate folk people want to believe.
Most of us wished we never started but we did and continue because we enjoy it and find it relaxing. It doesn’t change our personalities like those who imbibe in drugs or alcohol.
Most are respectful of others and when it was banned in cinemas ,transport etc thought it a good idea. Though instead of being kneedeep in ciggie buts we are now waist high in fast food rubbish. !!Would never indulge in a non smoking household even when the owners say, without us asking, we can.
We are taking the flack for the inconsiderate people who are polluting this earth. People who use their cars for the shortest of journeys belching out exhaust fumes on children in buggies. Have seen many a child splutter .
So the H of P have kept their smoking room….typical.
Now we smokers have been duly admonished for our crime whose next in line when the pollution we caused doesn’t improve.