Reply To: A Sense of Humour is needed


Hi Vince – thought I’d join you for a little bit of Easter fun re. two things that happened to me this morning (your thread was perfect timing!).

First thing today, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I finished, I was shaking my toothbrush rather rigorously up and down when on one of the upward movements the wet slippery toothbrush left my hand – arched gracefully into the air, and I could do nothing but stare in disbelief as it paused midair before descending straight into the toilet.

After my shower, still lamenting the loss of my relatively-new toothbrush, I suppose I wasn’t really concentrating. Reached out for my deoderent and promptly squirted a tennis ball-size lump of hair mousse under my left arm pit.

They say things come in threes, so for the moment I’m keeping out of the bathroom……