Reply To: A Sense of Humour is needed



When I first tore my cornea I was inundated with messages of Sympathy (which I do not like) until I started relaying the stories I told here. After that it just kept going and at least they were able to feel comfortable about the situation – now when we have dinner on a Sunday my family ask me what have I been up to recently.

The latest was yesterday evening. Scampy – my dog – is a small mongrel (but looks like a King Charles). Yesterday I was telling him to get in his bed and wondering why he was disobeying me. I took two steps closer to realise that I was talking to my camera case and not the dog. He was sitting puzzled in his bed wondering why I was telling him to get to bed when he was already in wagging his tail profusely

One other thing that happened recently and I am sure many of you can relate to this. I am forever putting down my mobile phone and not remembering where I put it.

The other day my parents came round to see me. As I was going out the door I realised I didn’t have my telephone with me. So I went to try and find it. Couldn’t see it anywhere.

No problem though I will just call it. So I did. The ring was behind me – so it must be in the kitchen. Nope not there – still ringing behind – must be the dining room. Nope couldn’t find it there either, it couldn’t be in the front room cos thats where I was when I first heard it.

It took me about 5 minutes of running through the house turning everything over in my path to realise that it was….

In my back pocket!!

Well did I feel a fool.