Reply To: Projecting trees.



@charlie wrote:

Ian – I don’t suppose your infinity swimming pool has this problem in your 2 million plus euro villa that you have for sale. No close neighbours and not a tree in sight according to the picture.

If only it was mine, it’s a family members to put the record straight.

@charlie wrote:

“Chill Man!” ???? – Tell you what. I’ll happily come and dump a load of leaves in your nice infinity pool, and see how chilled you feel while you’re fishing them out. 😆

Hmm that’s if you get past the armed snippers on the roof, dobermans, electric fence and killer rabbits! 😆 😆

What I was saying is the same as vbtudor. We all put up with lots of stuff here in Spain and should deal with in a civilised manor and don’t let it get you down.