Reply To: Advice on developments in Spain.


Hi Ken

Suggest you wait for a response from Melosine.
A lonterm and knowledgable resident in the Murcia area.

Re. off-plans – you have to be very cautious. There have been many disasters, in the Costa del Sol area especially, and many peole have either lost a lot of money, ended up with an illegal build or are having to go through the courts.
Valid building licences are an absolute must, as are Bank Guarantees.
And do see them for yourself – do not take anyone’s word that they exist.
And of course, find an independent lawyer, not one recommended by the estate agent or developer.

I think the general concensus on this forum is that whereas off-plans were a good buy/investment years ago – it is not considered so in the present property-climate currently in Spain.
Though obviously a lot depends on what prices are being asked.

Whatever you decide, wish you good luck and success in your quest. 😀