Reply To: La Reserva de Marbella


Sorry Charlie.
Perhaps I am confused but thouht you were refering to this question from Suzanne when you said you had the answer 😕

Hello Phillip, we have all been jumping for joy for you. My lawyer was also interested to hear your news, but are we correct that you haven’t actually got any money back yet but are currently claiming on your Bank Guarantee Please don’t be offended by this question, but if you are in the process of making a Claim this is an entirely different situation.

Regards, Suzanne

As is known Suzanne and myself have court cases coming up on La Reserva de Marbella and any info specific to this development could would be appreciated.
Green Hills was a no build issue.

Which blocks is anyone having any success on La Reserva de Mabella
A P/M would be fine