Reply To: La Reserva de Marbella


Hi Philip
Brilliant to have the money in the Bank.?

As we have many very experienced members on this forum who aim to supply as much information to people in the Spanish property market is their any chance that you could answer the following
1 What block on La Reserva de Marbella did you manage to have the successful outcome.?
2 What builders guarantee did you claim on was it the standard one
offered on signing reservation contracts ?
3 You have sent a P/M to some that have requested the same
information as me, can you copy me or does anyone have a copy of
the answers they could let me have.?
4 Please let me know what fee you require for the notes on the case as and if its on the same block as both my solicitor and me will willingly pay.?
5 We have key long standing members of this forum that alongside me are full of praise for what you have managed to achieve.
6 I simply cant explain how much your help would be appreciated as while your previous reply was in basic form and then expanded on by some of the members it is specifics that would help on this development and not to suddenly switch to another that had no relation to this one?
7 Your solicitors must be very good and would you mined if this firms details could be given to others with similar problems.
8 I appreciate that since you joined the forum several years back you have made only the one posting but as it was such a good one and taken so seriously by everyone so giving them hope please can you expand on your postings.