Reply To: Dodgy AIPP regulatory body?


There is an article about AIPP in today’s Daily Mail, but it is not included in the online version or I would give a link.

It is entitled ‘Chasing out the cowboys’ and continues ‘Investing in property abroad? Good news – there’s a new watchdog protecting you from the market’s rip-off merchants’

If I was one of the people who had bought a property through Parador which did not have a valid building licence, or had used one of their recommended lawyers who turned out not to be a lawyer at all then I would certainly be making a complaint to the AIPP, as suggested by Paul Owen.

@Paul Owen wrote:

If they are Members of the AIPP, then they have agreed that they must follow a Code of Conduct and that you can make complaints to us against them. We must then investigate and can take action if a complaint is upheld (fines, suspension, expulsion and compensation).

…. you can make official complaints about any Member if you so wish. We would then have to investigate; again, contact details are below. With non-Members, remember, you do not have that option.

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