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Looks like the end is finally in sight.

Posted by jethro on viva almeria

I hopy you and family are ok when you receive this Email.
The reason of sending you an Email is because we have good news to give, and
it is that finally we have receive the CONFIRMATION from the Town Hall of

Almeria that the 12 APRIL 2007 they going to have the Plenary Meeting of
Cuevas in which they going to approve the Provisional Definitive Approval

the PGOU approval process, after this Provisional Definitive Approval they
involves the submission of binding Sectorial Reports which should be
published within a period of one month. Once the said reports have been
issued, the completed dossiers will be sent to the appropiate department of
the Ministry for Public Wroks for Definnitive Approval within a maximum
periiod of 5 months in accordance; however as the Town Council has been in
discussion with the Ministry; they have expressed thier intent to include
“Definitive Approval” of the Town Plan for Cuevas del ALmanzora for the next
Ordinary or Extraordinary Meeting of the Provincial Planning Committee.

Many thanks for your support.
Claudia Escudero Lezzi
Manager Customer Department

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