Reply To: La Reserva de Marbella


Phillip – firstly, many many congratulations re. your success in ‘retrieving’ your monies back.
Having been through a similar (successful) situation last year, albeit another development, know and understand the immense relief you must be feeling.
It’s great, isn’t it…….. 😀

To my mind there are three ways to achieve this result:
1) Calling in on your Bank Guarantee (if you have one!)
2) Actually going to court, and the judge rules in your favour
3) The developer settles out-of-court just before the hearing

(Our lawyer had an experience once where he was literally walking through the door of the courtroom when his mobile went with an offer of a settlement!).

I know your answer to Suzanne’s question therefore will be of immense interest to others following in your footsteps.

Many thanks.