When people decide on Spain as their country of choice to purchase a property it is because they do have a love of the country (unless they are simply investors).

Despite my unfortunate experience in buying a property, my love for the country and it’s people hasn’t waned. And even though my rogue lawyer and the developer were Spanish, I am long enough in the tooth and have travelled enough to know there are good and bad in every country.

I think most of us have enjoyed the stunning countryside of various areas of Spain, the incredible architecture in places such as Seville, the small tracitional villages and those unique little tapas bars combined with the general relaxed way of life and good weather. That is why we wanted to buy there in the first place.

However, it’s an unfortunate fact that most people do resort to forums such as this when they have problems to resolve, and thank goodness there are those of us out there who can offer advice either because they have the experience of going through similar problems themselves or there are those happily living there who have a mountain of local knowledge.

Through this forum I received invaluable legal advice from the likes of Drakan, met my wonderful new lawyer through a link of Dorothy’s (keep up the good work with your links Dorothy, despite any put downs you may receive) and found the comfort and reassurance of meeting others from my same development who I am in regular contact with.

This forum is far from dying (over 200 individual posts in one week proves that) and long may it last – which I am sure it will.