@glassman wrote:

Why is it sad that I went back to the exhibition to see how well they had done after seeing the responce earlier ?

24 inspection trips = 24 more people being sold off plan developments to line the pockets of “EA/lawyer/developer” triangle.

That’s not just sad Jim…that is showing yourself as being desperate. You have three seemingly “unsaleable” properties, No LFO. (Green Hills, La Reserva and a share at Los Jardines) You have by your own admission, mortgaged yourself to the hilt and no one is buying ..just a few here & there looking for “distressed ” sales. (bargains).
I do get the gist of your why you are wanting to be positive and I HONESTLY do feel for you and others in your situation. You are burying your head in the sand though. Berating anyone who says otherwise is not going to alter the facts or the situation. You said you are happy to sit it out for however long it takes to correct the market situation on the CDS. I think you’ll need to do just that.