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Laury, You have properly given up and gone elsewhere by now as this thread seems to have taken on a life of its own!

I need to clarify what I wrote I think: When our house was renovated we received quotes for each job separately eg kitchen, bathroom, replacing flooring, etc etc and paid for each item as it was completed.

Our builder did ask for 50% up front for the first job he carried out for us, he is not disreputable, just needed to pay for supplies and trust that we would pay up at the end!!

I also seem to have started world war 4 by stating, quite clearly I thought, that I thought MGs reply to you was aggressive, as you seem to agree. Both Hillybilly and Glassman seemed to think this referred to them and I apologise.

I am happy to give advice on this forum, and recommend it to people as I feel theres lots of valuable advice and help to be found here but am a little concerned that in this thread that advice seems to be drowning!

If you yo have any other questions regarding renovation, I am happy to answer them on a “been there done that” basis, but suggest you PM me! I am no expert, but sometimes its nice to moan to someone who has been through it already!!