Reply To: Reform



As stated
My postings are there for all to view and they can draw there own conclusions.
Again as I said, I am now not novice enough to bite so please try to catch another fish.
We know that you will now throw another line with bait but this fish is now a little older and wiser.
I have no problem with advising Laury to go to another forum as she was clearly upset on how she was treated on this one but as you say Mark and you are happy so who am I to argue

Again not my posting.
Guaranteed to make the hackles rise. (not with me so please save the time and effort)

Laury may well now go away with a little more knowledge but more important is that she may go away at all but thats what most people do when treated yet again in such a way.
Sadly thats what others see and sadly thats why the forums dying.