Reply To: Reform




Think by now that most know that some are again trying to create or manipulate a thread for your own self interest.
Thankfully I am now not novice to not realise this and totally refuse to enter into any slagging match that degrades a forum or thread.
Claire,please accept my appologise for this genuine error of mixing Charlie and your name.

Again not my posting,but ?

She has no reason to answer so aggressively. I’m sure there is a name for people who deliberately stir up things on forums, an IT one, not a rude one…probably best ignored I think!! Hang in there, this forum is normally full of really helpful people,

My postings are here for anyone to view and to which many will have viewed and can conclude as they wish.
I kindly request you now post your attentions towards those who may need your help or advice,

Kind Regards