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@glassman wrote:

Mark should love this one.?
I strongly suggests he looks at this thread.

Concentrate now, glassman. Your obsession with Claire-bashing on the EOS forum seems to have clouded your brain. It was me that wrote the above, not Claire.

@glassman wrote:

Perhaps some may wish to consider that similar replies they have made in the past only causes offence and a simple reply would avoid threads getting out of control.

That’s a bit rich coming from you considering two threads have been locked by Mark because you degenerated them into personal attacks. You also sent rude and abusive pm’s to both Claire and I for which you were booted off the forum……only to reappear under your new name.

And now you lecture others on causing offence….? 🙄

All advice on this thread has been spot on, given by professionals or those with heaps of experience under their belt – am sure Mark will have absolutely no problem with any of it. And am sure Laury, at the end of it all, is going to be wiser.

mg’s replies may be a little blunt at times, but at least his answers have substance. If I was seeking advice, I would rather that than wading through pages of empty waffle.