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Thank you for the recent replies which are far more helpful. 😀

I do want someone on the ground to keep an eye on things and we thought we had someone. He is not too good though and needs a kick up the back end from time to time.
My husband is also in the construction industry. He is in project management/building services commisssioning and is working in Madrid for Goldman Sachs at the moment. (or is it Sachs Goldman, I can never remember. )
I have never heard of a technical architect and I would appreciate more information on this please?
We would prefer to choose our own builders though and the last “quote” we had was asking for €6000 up front and a €20k stage payment once the work is half done.
I don’t think we are cutting corners but have spent some time with Spanish thinking people who are more shall we say “relaxed” about things. 😆