Reply To: Spain, Ireland and threats to the property boom



I know very little about Canada/ski properties as a potential investment so could not venture a credible opinion, but buy coincidence my sister is currently in New Brunswick on a four week recce trip. She and my brother in law (+ 2 teenage sons) have sold up in the UK and are emigrating (they just got their visas last month). One of the places they are looking at is 5 bed with outbuildings, 2 streams, 2 lakes and 520 acres halt timber, half meadow. The original price 18 months ago was $400k US, it’s now $250k US and the agent has intimated they could get it for $200k. Is that a good buy? I don’t know because I don’t know the market there. Anyway the investment side is secondary to them, it’s a lifestyle move. Clouds of bighting mossies along with Grizzilies in the summer and ice whole fishing in -50c with your 4×4 frozen to the ground by perma frost in the winter, you can’t beat getting back to nature!

The UK and especially (as with Kevin) if you know your local market well’ is much safer than venturing abroad. I personally stopped putting money into residential property in B’mouth/Poole over 2 years ago as I’m comfy with my current exposure.

Dorothy do you contribute to ?

What’s your prognosis for the UK market over the next 3 to 4 years Up 20% down 40% and why?