Reply To: Conference in Marbella re Illegal licences.



Fortunately our lawyer is not one of the “back slapping brigade” nor is he a Marbella Lawyer. He is disgusted by what has happened in “his country” and wants to get justice for people affected by the corruption. So far, he’s doing a good job. đŸ˜€

He is a rare breed as he is helping us to get justice from one of the corrupt lawyers in Marbella. When this corrupt lawyerstuck two fingers up at the Collegio, our lawyer went to the court. It is not a court case per se. Our case will be discussed with our lawyer, the offending lawyer and a Judge. Arbitration I guess. I know our lawyer cannot work miracles (all of the time) but I know he will do his best. At least this crooked lawyer will get the message that we are not going to give up at the first hurdle…. he is not walking away with our money…for doing sweet F *! We will pursue it.
It has been stated on this forum that one lawyer will not “shop” another from their “school”, regardless of their “indiscretion”. Well this one will!