Reply To: Los Lagos What to do?



i think if you were not a cynic, you would be a mug! As p800aul said, even if you are happy with things, the fact is, if most people had invested money 5 years ago in a U.K property instead of Spain, they would be many thousands of pounds better off than they are now. I know that’s true because i’m one of them! I took a gamble and lost, i’m not to big to admit that, that was the risk i took, and the UK market might have crashed, but no way could i have predicted the level of corruption and lies that has caused so much misery in the way of financial loss to so many people. Cnynical, you bet!!!!!! Having said that, there are i realise, many who are happy with there situation and i realise that all the bad publicity makes them as fed up as those of us that have been screwed, and i do sympathise with their views. Just needs to be better for everyone.


yes, that’s the way forward for us. We know we are in the right and with the help of a good lawyer, we will fight ’till we get justice, whatever it takes.