Reply To: Los Lagos What to do?


I like Google’s Spanish/English translation of your link.
One Spanish buyer said:
“The house was our illusion for when we retired”.

‘Illusion’ just about sums it up rather better than ‘dream’ when they don’t even build anything 🙁

Maybe SOFIA should stand for:
Screwing Overseas Foreigners, Illusions Abound!

or to put it another way (round 😉 )

Abundant Illusions For Overseas SUCKERS

……why is it another developer also comes to mind?

I know, I know, no doubt I will now be accused of being a cynic.
Prefer to think of myself as a realist because I don’t lose sight of the fact that all developers who obtained their building licences from Mayor Gil that did not comply with the 1986 PGOU plan were obtained by paying him a big fat BRIBE.

(edited to correct my spelling of abundant…too late at night!)