Reply To: Los Lagos What to do?


Hi glassman

I think you will find we are all tared with the same brush, at the moment, no developments in the area have an LFO. There are some apartments selling in all of the developments that are completed and owners have moved in. I think you will find you already have a management committee and i know you have an administration company (we all use the same one) so not long really before things settle down.

As for prices I bought off plan five years ago and I guess if I wanted to sell quickly i would get about 25% more than I paid for it, so 5% a year. Rubbish really when compared with our home here in the UK, still better than my pension I think 😕

We have no intention of selling as we and our young children enjoy our time there so much, we’ve made good friends and I’m never short of a game of golf.

Perfect really