Reply To: Los Lagos What to do?


I have been unpopular in the past for stating the truth that either people complete or loose their money.
Any stigma will pass although it is not helped with people on some forums waking up to the fact that you aint going to change the past(Quote Tilly everyone is cynical on these forums)
With regards to taking 5 years to recover is just an opinion and is one of many that are putting forward their views.
I think the U.K market will hit trouble this year as I have been informed but there again this agent said that last year
When corruption hits other areas in Spain and other countries what goes around comes around and Elviria is a lovely area.
Try to look at the positives as its normal that only the unhappy ones (many investors) look for support on these forums to get themselves off the hook
The water is not so bad and its only time that will sort things out and no one really knows how long
Marbella was the place and it will be again and everyone knows this.