Reply To: Los Lagos What to do?


paulsmith wrote:
I questioned both about the opportunity for us all to come together and take a class action, but am told class actions are not used in Spain!! – Mmm – could this be lawyers preferring to run as many individual cases as possible to increase fees?? Maybe I am too cynical but my experiences have made me this way.

I think we are all cynics on this forum Paul!

Our development formed a legally constituted Association of Owners which took the developer to court as a joint action.

The Association of Owners won the case but the developer appealed on the basis that the Association did not have the legal right to take this action. The result of the appeal is pending and has been for almost a year. I understand that is the developer loses the appeal they may further appeal to the supreme court which we are informed could take 5 or more years.

If we were all planning to live forever it would probably be worthwhile.