Reply To: Los Lagos What to do?



I questioned both about the opportunity for us all to come together and take a class action, but am told class actions are not used in Spain!! – Mmm – could this be lawyers preferring to run as many individual cases as possible to increase fees?? Maybe I am too cynical but my experiences have made me this way.

Hi Paul,
Our lawyer presented a class action (6 cases I think) to the court. The hearing was in Marbella and the judge said every case had to be presented individually! What is possible is for a group of you to negotiate a fee with the one lawyer to act for you all. The information that needs to be collated is basically the same for each of your cases.
Like Ann, you are between a rock and a hard place! Not a pleasant situation to be in and not when you know in your own mind that the choices left to you, are the not the sensible ones. 🙁 Good luck to you both.