Reply To: Zapatero buys in Almeria



I Read this today – written by the editor of the Wall Street Journal none the less

In an editorial yesterday in the European edition of the prestigious Wall Street Journal, director Matthew Kaminski argued that since Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero – ‘ a man even the Socialists did not expect to win’ – came to power, he has shifted the course of Spanish history in a way that no one could imagine possible. Mr. Kaminski also writes that the Socialist Prime Minister, who has an undistinguished academic and political record, with little travel experience and no foreign languages, openly plays politics with history, has chosen to rip open the wounds of the Civil War that many thought had healed and may ultimately be starting a sectarian movement to break up Spain after his encouragement to Catalunia over its statutes. He ends his article by stating that Spain ‘cannot afford more accidents’ like Mr. Rodriquez Zapatero, who refused all requests to be interviewed by Mr. Kaminski..