Aunty Val

Ok Glassman, here goes…

Bought 3 years ago and love it.

Had very few problems with lawyers (because we chose an independent lawyer and stuck with her), had the usual lies from each estate agent (most of it is not malicious, it tends to be ignorance and plain stupidity) and the builders (Spanish) that came in to do a mixture of jobs for us were (in the main) very good.

As I have said before, research and common sense can go a long way to avoiding many of the pitfalls (obviously not the blatant lies and mis-selling of awful agents and dodgy developers) and a forum like this is a great place for people to learn from others mistakes/problems.

Would I go back to the UK? Not willingly. The weather is just as good as it said on the tin, the culture is every bit as welcoming and friendly as expected and it really is much better than being in the UK. Every time I go back I just thank my lucky stars that I don’t live there anymore.

Come on, it feels quite nice once you’re in…