Reply To: Buying property in Spain


I got a tip to pick up a book that is really useful.

It’s by a Chap called Davil Searl and it’s called “You and your property in Spain; your essential guide to property ownership and rental”

It’s easy to read and straight forward.

Word of warning though. It was published in 2005 so is a little out of date. The first paragraph of the book actually reads:

“You’re right. You should have bought a holiday home or retirement residence in Spain 2 years ago. Depending on the area you would have seen a 30% rise in the value of your property, and even more in some areas.

Do not despair. Even though the market has slowed today, experts predict that prices of Spanish property will continue to rise for the immediate future, and that they certainly will not drop”

Ohhhh, what a difference 18 months make Mr Searl 😆 When I stopped laughing, (sorry, I know it’s not funny but you have to admit….) I read on and there is a wealth of good, basic common sense and advice throughout the book. It’s becoming my bible.