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No, its not correct and you will find that you need a building licence for even the smallest of works that you carry out.

How difficult are these to do. Are we talking about a simple form or a 6 month period to get permission to install a new door?

One day or 6 months? Depends on how responsive is the town hall… In Spain there is no general rule.

Telling when you need a building license or not is quite difficult. As a general rule every kind of renovation or work that can be seen from the outside needs a document called “licensia de obra minor” (not sure about the correct spelling). You also need the same document if you are doing a work that generates a lot of garbage (for examples new tiles to your kitchen, as I did last year). In this case you also need to pay an additional fee on top of the “licensia de obra minor” for the elimination of the waste (the container outside the house).

hope that this helps