Reply To: Demolitions



Oh well – it is wet and windy outside, so might as well join in the fun đŸ˜†

I think Drakan’s stance on completing/not completing without an LFO has always been made very clear by him.
Firstly, he dislikes completing without an LFO as a general rule.
However if the property has no LFO because of something relatively insignificant and does not directly affect his client e.g.
“It is ridiculous to delay completion for a year, for example, because a LFO is not being granted because there is something wrong with say some pipeline which is in the development but doesn’t affect directly my client”.
then he feels it is alright in that kind of situation to complete without an LFO.
However, completing on a property without a LFO with a suspended/revoked building licence is another matter (he has even gone so far as to say “it is insane to do so”) and if a client insists – he likes them to sign a statement that they are doing so against his advice.

Paul800 – are you having a boring Saturday or something? As Claire has stated at least twice that in her opinion she doesn’t believe Green Hills will be demolished – why the silly challenge re. a bet?

Katy – if you are out there (hope you are not having a boring Saturday) can you remind me – for a second time đŸ˜³ which development it was somewhere in Elviria where the police threw out the newly installed purchasers one morning (despite having celebrated their newly-formed residents’ committee the night before) and taped off the building. Do you know what eventually happened there? Did they let them back in or is it still taped off?

Am bringing this up because no-one can think it can never happen. It happened last year.