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I have a friend who has bought a house in Chiclana, he has received an Escritura Compraventa, if that is an escritura signed before a Notar when buying/selling the house, it is an escritura publica, what happens is that, as there are escrituras for different kind of legal acts or legal businesses, the front page of the escritura publica de compraventa generally states just: COMPRAVENTA you know that it is public becasue there is Notary seal on it. A copy of that escritura ( as the original is always kept at the Notary´s office) also needs to have the seal of the Notary, the Seal of the Colegios Notariales de España ( they both are usually round seals) and also, a mention to COPIA SIMPLE on the cover page.however, I believe he should also receive an Escritura Publica and or a Nota Simpe to provide the Catastral number. The catastral number ( if there is one already) needs to be within the body of the escritura de compraventa, usually after the Land Registry Data at the description of the property.

Can anyone tell me why he may not have received these documents and the consequences of not having them.

By you account of facts, I suspect he has received a ESCRITURA DE COMPRAVENTA. Very advisable to look for a NOTA SIMPLE at the Land Registry to verify the Propery has been registered to his name. There is an Internet service for that at Even though his/her lawyer, if he used one, can provide one NOTA SIMPLE.

The real, definitive transaction is mede before the Notary, but never sure on the final success of that before a complete registration in the correspondent Land Registry.

Many thanks