Reply To: Advantages / disadvantages of a residence visa


Most of what you describe was true throughout the 15 years that I lived in Italy and is true of Turkey today. I have lived in many 3rd word, developing, and industrialized countries so don’t have great expectations re Spain, especially given that we were already cheated royally and illegally by Iberia Airlines and got nowhere protesting to them, to the National Consumer Agency in Spain and even to a European oversight agency.

What we’re trying to do is collect info to make the best decision as to whether or not to apply for a residence permit. The only reason we would do this would be to import our used furniture now in storage since 3 years ago and costing us US 3000 / year. To this end your info is valuable and appreciated.

I guess we have to either decide to permanently part with 16% of whatever the customs decide is the value of our mostly used furniture, or opt for the lengthy process of soliciting a residence permit.

But how, pray tell, would Spain know what investments one has in another country?