Reply To: Private: BAD ESTATE AGENTS


Seems to me that Latchy and Philco are offering sensible opinions and advice. It´s all happened before. And will happen again as Brits are so daft when it comes to buying abroad. They would never buy a house in the UK without a lawyer and would never buy from a bloke in a bar either, but as soon as they arrive in Spain they behave like muppets.

By the way blokes in bars selling houses are not estate agents so there goes 50% of the complaints directed at estate agents.

Philco seems to have done his job adequatley in line with the process as we know it. Shadow was a little remiss in his research to begin with, otherwise he would known black money always exists in resales.

This case could never get to a court because Philco followed the proceedure and it appears the notary called the completion thus allowing the vendor to keep the deposit.

Shadow has this put you off buying in Spain??