Reply To: One mans lessons


Great post and I would heartily agree, especially regarding off-plan. I would never recommend buying off-plan.

Again, it is hard to express my opinions without seeming derogatory but here goes.

There is a wide chasm between what you expect and what the Spanish deliver. From the day you first get the keys and the place is filthy, to the missed items on the snagging list, from the botched way the snagging items are fixed (if at all), from the Secretary/Administrator telling you you need a lifeguard for your pool and it’s going to cost lots, from the same Sec/Admin giving the garden and maintenance and pool maintenance contracts to his mates (also costing you lots), from your solicitor telling you don’t worry, things take time in Spain.

The Sec/Admin telling you can’t spend that even if all the Owners want to because it may upset future nationalities who don’t agree with the spend, who haven’t even moved in yet, let alone paid any fees. To having a President who is the constructor who you can’t vote out because it takes ages to sell enough properties to get a majority and then the second phase gets its LFO so he gets the majority back again.

From the total incompetence you find everywhere whether it be dealing with utilities, supermarkets, shops, restaurants. Great example, took some excess light fittings back to a small shop. Person dealing with me took some of the light fittings back to the stock room, forgot he’d done this and then only wanted to credit me for the number of lights on the counter. Buy one drink, get one free ‘Happy Hour’ in the local restaurant. Except when the bill comes, they’ve forgotten to honour the deal and charged you for all your drinks. It happens all the time.

Sorry, I strayed from the off-plan topic of my thread. Guess, we’ve been lucky in that we do have approximately what was promised in the community – some gardens and a pool. However, what you cannot possibly anticipate off-plan is what the finish, standard and overall workmanship is like. Off plan it is hard to anticipate that your house is so close to your neighbours or that it doesn’t get any winter sun (unless you are smart enough to work out the orientation or view with a compass). Fortunatley, this is not one of the problems I have. That the neighbouring development of apartments overshadows your development and that it is rented out to rowdy holidaymakers or permanent residents whose dogs bark constantly.

The sheer frustration of dealing with a Community if you’ve been used to living in a freehold property in the UK.

Well, I think that’s enough from me. And finally, what really get’s me is a fellow Brit saying ‘oh, well, at least the sun’s shining’! – the panacea to all your problems!

Thanks for reading.