Reply To: major construction faults and paying a surveyor


I take it you did the snagging after completion. The whole point of doing a snagging list before completion is that you apply pressure on the developer to get the flaws fixed by “trying” to delay completion until they are mended.

The Seguro Decenal does not cover these type of “minor” problems Mrs Jayne.

1.- You have a first guarantee of one year deadline (july2006-july2007) for building or execution defects. So you are still in time for it fortunately. This is thought for flaked painting, dampness, flimsy terracotta tiles, brocken drain covers etc…

2.- You have a second three year guarantee as from completion date (july 2006-july2009) to complain regarding this. I would include the sewage pipes, outflow pipes, large pond (although this doesn’t really affect your property but the whole community).

3.- The third guarantee is the ten year insurance which from what you right is not your case as there is no serious (from a legal perspective) structural flaw in the building/dwelling.

You’ll need to hire a good independent lawyer to help you claim. It takes some time but it eventually gets fixed.

You can always PM me for more private queries if you wish. I normally reply every 2-3 days.